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About Slate Tile

Slate’s naturally slip-resistant surface is very hard and durable, with varied colors and features that have served builders and architects for centuries. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications, slate satisfies many natural stone flooring needs.


From tough beginnings

A popular choice for both practical and decorative uses, slate is formed by means of tremendous pressure and heat from deep in the earth, and is found most commonly along continental coasts all over the world. The harsh beginnings which formed the slate give way to a rock that stands up to wear as well as one that reveals a singular beauty. Slate flooring is typified by earthy color variations that make each tile unique.

A rock-solid statement

Due to its natural slip-resistance characteristics, slate is often installed as flooring in foyers, hallways, and bathrooms as well as poolside surfaces. One of the most popular textures available in slate is “split face” because it has particularly slip-resistant features. With a range of colors that vary from orange, to beige, to greens and purples, slate offers a distinct aesthetic dimension as well. This means this natural stone tile offers both decorative and practical value for your space.

How to gauge it

During the production phase, slate tile processing proceeds with the idea that an installation should be as straightforward as possible. The first principle in working with any kind of interlocking building material, such as slate, is the dimensional uniformity of the material. The term “gauge” refers to the process of making sure that the slate tiles have been cut square, allowing them to be as uniform as possible when it comes time to install them. Working with slate that is square will allow for easier installations, saving you both time and money.

Careful calibration

Another term you will commonly hear when looking for slate, or any natural stone for that matter, is “calibration”. This refers to the surface of the stone and the process whereby each tile is cut to a specified thickness in relation to other tiles of its variety. Once again, this process is done with simplicity of installation in mind. The slate is machine honed on the back to either a flat or combed finish, and in both cases is made even to achieve uniformity. One of the most vital elements in laying any flooring is to ensure that the resulting flooring is absolutely level; the process of calibration during production addresses this requirement. Along with gauge, the mechanical processes of calibration helps to make sure that the slate is cut in such a way that it’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Color variation in slate

Because slate is made from a natural stone, you can expect a certain level of color variation from tile to tile. This is because of the fluctuation of the amounts of minerals and other compounds unique to each individual tile. Although this can be seen as a disadvantage if you’re looking for a monochromatic effect, it can really work in your favor when laying your slate with a more diverse design approach in mind.

The natural color variations of slate allow you to be creative when it comes time to lay out each tile, making a unique statement with the individual slate tiles you have at your disposal. No other slate floor will look exactly like yours! Because of this this, it’s a good idea is to open all of the boxes of slate you’ve purchased to see the full spectrum of the natural stone that’s unique to your batch. This will allow you to plan out how you wish to design your floor in a dry run, much like you would do with ceramic tile or granite tile.

A distinctive surface

Slate is a popular, practical, and decorative natural stone tile solution for flooring. Slate is a great choice when you’re looking for a surface that is both slip resistant and as level as possible. With the natural color variations, you have the option of getting creative when it comes time to install your slate, and you can really make a unique statement with your floor.

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