New Marble Styles Trending Beyond Classical Style

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When I say “marble”, you probably think things like “Roman buildings” and “palace in the Hamptons,” or maybe “expensive kitchen countertop”. But marble is currently undergoing a revival in popularity. What has been known as an old-school and conservative material is now cool and trendy, thanks to new surface treatments and styles for flooring.

But first, let’s go over the overall benefits of using marble for your floor, wherever in your home it may be.

Marble is durable

The first benefit of marble is, of course, its durability. Ancient temples built of marble still stand today; we’re talking thousands of years here! Here’s a video of ancient Roman baths build in AD 40 in Herculaneum. Yup, that’s mostly marble.

Every Roman knows that marble is durable! Buy marble for your baths!

Marble adds value to your home

If there’s a flooring material that will add instant value to your home, marble has to be it. It gives your home an elegant look, for sure, but, as mentioned above, it also ensures that your floor lasts for decades to come.

Marble trends and ideas

Even though marble comes with its own set of preconceived styles, modern technology has given us many new ways to use it. Whether it’s different tile shapes or new finishes, marble is sure to fit classic, traditional and modern styles alike.

Contrasting marble

It’s hard to describe this kind of marble type without a visual, so here’s one:

Traditional Living Room by New York Architects & Building Designers Ike Kligerman Barkley

The marble here has two very visible shades and highly unique tiles. Instead of a classic, uniform look, we get something with a lot more movement and style. The shiny finish lends this space its unmistakable elegance.

Tumbled marble

If you like the colors of marble but don’t like the work involved in keeping it shiny (who keeps a floor waxer in their closet?), try tumbled marble. The tiles have a stone-like appearance that have a rustic effect similar to brick or natural stone.

Traditional Entry by Wilmington General Contractors Cushing Custom Homes, Inc.

This floor is all marble, but without the shine. This type of marble flooring is more flexible in terms of style than the shiny finish; you can use it for traditional styles, as above, but also for more modern spaces.

Rectangular tiles

Along with new finishes, you’ll see new sizes and shapes of tiles. Most popular lately is the rectangular tile, which lets you build interesting patterns.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Photographers Kathryn MacDonald Photography & Web Marketing

The herringbone pattern of this floor definitely makes this bathroom unique. You can also place the tiles in an offset, brick-like pattern, grid or parquet. Using the natural beauty and vein patterns of the marble will also bring to life any pattern you choose!

Honed marble

If you want a finish that’s softer than tumbled marble but not as stark as polished marble, try honed marble. The honing process gives marble a smooth, milky finish that is great to the touch and very pleasing to the eye.

Traditional Bathroom by Summit Tile, Stone & Countertops Virtue Tile & Stone

Honed marble is also much less slippery than polished marble, so no need to wear your anti-slip shoes in the house! Honed marble offers plenty of possibilities as well, depending on your style. You’ll always find the classic 12×12 tiles, but also smaller sizes and different shapes to match your imagination.

Marble everywhere

If you’ve been interested in marble but unable to make the investment for flooring, try backsplash or countertops at first. You’ll know if you like the look and can handle the maintenance (if you want marble floors, be ready to follow very specific instructions to avoid damaging the stone!). And then, you can increase the investment as your budget allows.

Remember that because of its durability, marble is indeed a good investment to make in your home. It’s an investment in durability, but it’s also an investment in style: marble is a classic that never really leaves the decor magazine pages–even if the marble itself doesn’t have to be as glossy as the pages!

Have you contemplated (or even invested in) marble lately? Let us know about your choice of style!

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