5 Bold Black Interior Design Spaces

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Everyone knows that the classic black dress is a staple for any woman. We wear black all the time, so why don’t we incorporate it into our interiors?

Black, sometimes thought of as a drear or depressing color, can actually be used in a dramatic and sophisticated way to create a stunning space with depth and intrigue. Just like the classic black dress, accessories in lighter or bold accent colors can be layered on top to finish the look!

The trend of using black throughout interior spaces has been around for a few years, but I still think people are intimidated by this fierce and surprising hue.

Check out these 5 jaw-droppingly chic interiors that incorporate gorgeous black.


1. Black interior spaces sophistication

With the use of a lucite desk and minimalistic open shelving, the black walls in this space scream sophistication. Displayed on textured gold shelves, the colorful bindings on the books are strategically used as artwork to frame the contrasting white picture in the center. This energetic office is complete with a modern and dramatic light fixture, and a lighter blue oriental-style rug.

2. Black interior spaces: regal and masculine

Black is probably not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of painting your bedroom. BUT, this space feels so regal and masculine – perfect for a bachelor! The modern stencil on the wall (similar to my foyer stencil) beautifully complements the lighter graphic on the rug.  By placing mirrors behind the lamps, the space is double illuminated when the light is on and glowing. With the additionally lighting above the bed, this dramatic space feels far from dark and drear!

3. Black interior spaces balancing light and dark

I’m a huge fan of COLOR! I think it’s a myth that light colors make a room feel larger, and instead what actually makes a space feel smaller / larger is the size and layout of the furniture. Choosing appropriate sized pieces for the space is key to achieving a well-styled and functioning space. That being said, this dining room is gorgeously designed with a black hue on the walls and white on the ceiling and trim work.  Lighter colored upholstered chairs and a light fixture that has white accents, helps with balancing the light and dark aspects of the room.

4. Black interior spaces with eye-popping accent hues

The nursery is another space where you wouldn’t think of using black on the walls. But again, by adding eye-popping accent hues and lighter colored accessories, this space is unique and dramatic, but still well-balanced.  Babies love the shades of red, white, and black, and this room combines those colors in a beautiful way.

5. Black interior spaces from point A to point B

If I haven’t convinced you yet to repaint one of your spaces black, how about a little combo of black and white? Large horizontal stripes are another trend in interiors and where better to appreciate this linear look rather than a long hallway.  Most hallways in a home are used to get from point A to point B, but who says this transitional area can’t be an experience of it’s own?!  Even though a hallway is technically not a “room”, I would love to hang out in this space. Filled with pictures and memories in an eclectic composition, this modern black and white striped backdrop is a dramatic and exciting part of the home.

If you’d like to see more of my favorite black interior spaces images, visit me, Jenna on Pinterest!


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